December 2014 Gianrocco Lazzari joins lab for a 6 months scientific internship

October 2014 Saeed Omidi joins lab as postdoc

September 2014 Jake Yeung joins lab as PhD student

July 2014 Jonathan Bieler and Rosamaria Cannavo are joint first authors in Molecular Systems Biology (1015252/msb.20145218)

June 2014 Kyle Gustafson and Mathieu Quinodoz publish in Genome Biology (10.1186/gb-2014-15-6-r85)

May 2014 Cédric Gobet joins lab as co-supervised PhD student (NIHS)

May 2014 Onur Tidin starts as PhD student

January 2014 Kyle Gustafson and Adria Le Boeuf (UNIL) awarded Agora SNSF grant