December 21 2016
Damien: Transcriptional bursting is intrinsically caused by interplay between RNA polymerases on DNA
Cédric: ADARB1 catalyzes circadian A-to-I editing and regulates RNA rhythm

December 14 2016
Nick: Accurate information transmission through dynamic biochemical signaling networks
Onur: Quantifying β-catenin subcellular dynamics and cyclin D1 mRNA transcription during Wnt signaling in single living cells

December 7 2016
Jake: Chromatin dynamics during DNA replication
Ambroise Sequential pattern formation governed by signaling gradients

November 30 2016
Daniel: SREBP1c-CRY1 signalling represses hepatic glucose production by promoting FOXO1 degradation during refeeding
Colas: Deep Learning Automates the Quantitative Analysis of Individual Cells in Live-Cell Imaging Experiments

November 23 2016
Eric: Hierarchical Size Scaling during Multicellular Growth and Development
François: FISH-ing for captured contacts: towards reconciling FISH and 3C

November 16 2016
Jingkui: A hyperactive transcriptional state marks genome reactivation at the mitosis–G1 transition
Damien: RNA Polymerase II cluster dynamics predict mRNA output in living cells

November 9 2016
Cédric: Phosphorylation Is a Central Mechanism for Circadian Control of Metabolism and Physiology
Clémence: A Mathematical Model of the Liver Circadian Clock Linking Feeding and Fasting Cycles to Clock Function

November 2 2016
Jérôme: Glucocorticoid receptor and nuclear factor kappa-b affect three-dimensional chromatin organization
Onur: Dynamics of mTORC1 activation in response to amino acids

October 26 2016
Jake: Competition between DNA methylation and transcription factors determines binding of NRF1
Abroise: A Balance between Secreted Inhibitors and Edge Sensing Controls Gastruloid Self-Organization

October 19 2016
Daniel: The RSPO–LGR4/5–ZNRF3/RNF43 module controls liver zonation and size
Eric: Kinetic Analysis of Protein Stability Reveals Age-Dependent Degradation

October 12 2016  CANCELED

October 5 2016
Jérôme: Systematic mapping of functional enhancer-promoter connections with CRISPR interference
Damien: Single-molecule RNA detection at depth by hybridization chain reaction and tissue hydrogel embedding and clearing

September 28 2016
Eric: talk about what was presented during the ICSB 2016, Barcelona
Jake: rehearsal of his EPD talk

September 21 2016
Jingkui: Div-Seq: Single-nucleus RNA-Seq reveals dynamics of rare adult newborn neurons
Clémence: High-throughput single-cell gene-expression profiling with multiplexed error-robust fluorescence in situ hybridization

September 7 2016
Onur: A single-molecule view of transcription reveals convoys of RNA polymerases and multi-scale bursting
Jake: Principles for RNA metabolism and alternative transcription initiation within closely spaced promoters

August 31 2016
Saeed: Nanog fluctuations in ES cells highlight the problem of measurement in cell biology
Cédric: Adjacent Codons Act in Concert to Modulate Translation Efficiency in Yeast

August 24 2016
Eric: Whole-organism lineage tracing by combinatorial and cumulative genome editing
Daniel: The Pentose Phosphate Pathway Regulates the Circadian Clock

July 20 2016
Jingkui: High-Resolution Sequencing and Modeling Identifies Distinct Dynamic RNA Regulatory Strategies
Damien: Enhancer Control of Transcriptional Bursting

July 13 2016
Jérôme: Dynamic enhancer-gene body contacts during transcription elongation
Onur: Real-time quantification of protein expression at the single-cell level via dynamic protein synthesis translocation reporters

July 6 2016
Saeed: Visualizing and Quantifying Intracellular Behavior and Abundance of the Core Circadian Clock Protein PERIOD2
Jake: Visualization and analysis of gene expression in tissue sections by spatial transcriptomics

June 29 2016
Eric: Core Circadian Clock Genes Regulate Leukemia Stem Cells in AML.
Cédric: Modulated Expression of Specific tRNAs Drives Gene Expression and Cancer Progression

June 22 2016
Damien: Enhancer Control of Transcriptional Bursting
Daniel: Mass spectrometry-based absolute quantification reveals rhythmic variation of mouse circadian clock proteins

June 15 2016
Jonathan: Predicting the sequence specificities of DNA- and RNA-binding proteins by deep learning
Ambroise: Tracing haematopoietic stem cell formation at single-cell resolution

June 8 2016
Jingkui: Formation of Chromosomal Domains by Loop Extrusion
Rosie: Visualization of cell cycle in mouse embryos with Fucci2 reporter directed by Rosa26 promoter

June 1 2016
Onur: Simultaneous live imaging of the transcription and nuclear position of specific genes
Jérôme: Daily magnesium fluxes regulate cellular timekeeping and energy balance

May 18 2016
Saeed: Stochastic activation of a DNA damage response causes cell-to-cell mutation rate variation

May 11 2016
Eric: Single-Cell RNA-Seq Reveals Lineage and X Chromosome Dynamics in Human Preimplantation Embryos
Jérôme: Real-time quantification of single RNA translation dynamics in living cells

May 4 2016
Jake: Steroid Receptors Reprogram FoxA1 Occupancy through Dynamic Chromatin Transitions
Ambroise: Serum-Based Culture Conditions Provoke Gene Expression Variability in Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells as Revealed by Single-Cell Analysis

April 27 2016
Damien: Cellular Levels of Signaling Factors Are Sensed by β-actin Alleles to Modulate Transcriptional Pulse Intensity
Cédric: Splicing of Nascent RNA Coincides with Intron Exit from RNA Polymerase II

April 20 2016
Rosie: Cdk1 activity acts as a quantitative platform for coordinating cell cycle progression with periodic transcription

April 13 2016
Onur: Enhancer Regulation of Transcriptional Bursting Parameters Revealed by Forced Chromatin Looping
Jonathan: The Pioneer Transcription Factor FoxA Maintains an Accessible Nucleosome Configuration at Enhancers for Tissue-Specific Gene Activation

April 6 2016
Saeed: Visualizing allele-specific expression in single cells reveals epigenetic mosaicism in an H19 loss-of-imprinting mutant
Jingkui: Determinants of RNA metabolism in the Schizosaccharomyces pombe genome

March 30 2016
Eric: Programmable RNA Tracking in Live Cells with CRISPR/Cas9
Jake: Mammalian Heat Shock Response and Mechanisms Underlying Its Genome-wide Transcriptional Regulation

March 23 2016
Jérôme: Measurement of gene regulation in individual cells reveals rapid switching between promoter states
Ambroise: Schedule-dependent interaction between anticancer treatments

March 16 2016
Damien: Single-cell analysis of transcription kinetics across the cell cycle
Daniel: Circadian control of oscillations in mitochondrial rate-limiting enzymes and nutrient utilization by PERIOD proteins

March 9 2016
Rosie: Expression homeostasis during DNA replication
Cédric: Genome-Wide and Experimental Resolution of Relative Translation Elongation Speed at Individual Gene Level in Human Cells

March 2 2016
Onur: A continuum model of transcriptional bursting
Jake: ZeitZeiger: supervised learning for high-dimensional data from an oscillatory system

February 24 2016
Saeed: A Dynamical Framework for the All-or-None G1/S Transition
Jingkui: Super-resolution imaging reveals distinct chromatin folding for different epigenetic states

February 17 2016
Eric: Dynamics of epigenetic regulation at the single-cell level
Jonathan: Liver-derived ketone bodies are necessary for food

February 10 2016
Jérôme: Spatially coordinated dynamic gene transcription in living pituitary tissue
Damien: Oscope identifies oscillatory genes in unsynchronized single-cell RNA-seq experiments

February 3 2016
Eric: Migration of cells in a social context
Cédric: Mapping translation ‘hot-spots’ in live cells by tracking single molecules of mRNA and ribosomes

January 27 2016
Saeed: Lineage correlations of single cell division time as a probe of cell-cycle dynamics
Jake: Coactivator-Dependent Oscillation of Chromatin Accessibility Dictates Circadian Gene Amplitude via REV-ERB Loading

January 20 2016
Rosie: Trajectories of cell-cycle progression from fixed cell populations
Jingkui: Measuring Absolute RNA Copy Numbers at High Temporal Resolution Reveals Transcriptome Kinetics in Development

January 13 2016
Jonathan: Nuclear Retention of mRNA in Mammalian Tissues
Onur: Control of Transcript Variability in Single Mammalian Cells