Nick: Heterogeneity and Intrinsic Variation in Spatial Genome Organziation

Daniel: CLOCK Acetylates ASS1 to Drive Circadian Rhythm of Ureagenesis
Cédric: Control of Transcript Variability in Single Mammalian Cells

Damien: Single-cell profiling reveals that eRNA accumulation at enhancer-promoter loops is not required to sustain transcription
Alexandra: Non-invasive measurement of mRNA decay reveals translation initiation as the major determinant of mRNA stability

Eric: Circadian actin dynamics drive rhythmic fibroblast mobilization during wound healing
Moritz: Direct visualization of transcriptional activation by physical enhancer-promoter proximity

Jake: Genetic dissection of the α-globin super-enhancer in vivo

Clémence: Static and Dynamic DNA Loops form AP-1-Bound Activation Hubs during Macrophage Development
Moritz: The Drosophila embryo at single-cell transcriptome resolution

Colas: RNA velocity in single cells
Alexandra Rittenhouse: Multilineage communication regulates human liver bud development from pluripotency

Nick: Reversed graph embedding resolves complex single-cell trajectories
Moritz Durtschi: Dynamic Rewiring of Promoter-Anchored Chromatin Loops during Adipocyte Differentiation

Onur: Cell-cycle dynamics of chromosomal organization at single-cell resolution
Cédric: Analysis of Ribosome Stalling and Translation Elongation Dynamics by Deep Learning

Onur: Tracing Information Flow from Erk to Target Gene Induction Reveals Mechanisms of Dynamic and Combinatorial Control

Jake: Genome-wide Single-Molecule Footprinting Reveals High RNA Polymerase II Turnover at Paused Promoters
Ambroise: Mitotic transcription and waves of gene reactivation during mitotic exit

Colas: Weak synchronization and large-scale collective oscillation in dense bacterial suspensions
Clémence: Intercellular Coupling of the Cell Cycle and Circadian Clock in Adult Stem Cell Culture

Eric: Involvement of posttranscriptional regulation of Clock in the emergence of circadian clock oscillation during mouse development

Daniel: Diurnal Oscillations in Liver Mass and Cell Size Accompany Ribosome Assembly Cycles
Damien: Independent regulation of gene expression level and noise by histone modifications

Cédric: Global mRNA polarization regulates translation efficiency in the intestinal epithelium
Onur: Distinct modes of SMAD2 chromatin binding and remodeling shape the transcriptional response to NODAL/Activin signaling

Ambroise: Surface Topography Guides Morphology and Spatial Patterning of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Colonies
Dan Sosa: Automated analysis of high-content microscopy data with deep learning

Jake: Body Temperature Cycles Control Rhythmic Alternative Splicing in Mammals
Clémence: Hepatic gene therapy rescues high-fat diet responses in circadian Clock mutant mice

Daniel: CRY1/2 Selectively Repress PPARδ and Limit Exercise Capacity
Colas: What Population Reveals about Individual Cell Identity: Single-Cell Parameter Estimation of Models of Gene Expression in Yeast

Eric: An adder behavior in mammalian cells achieves size control by modulation of growth rate and cellcycle duration
Dan Sosa: A global brain state underlies C. elegans sleep behavior

Damien: Clustering of Drosophila housekeeping promoters facilitates their expression
Onur: Cellular Decision Making by Non-Integrative Processing of TLR Inputs

Cédric: The tRNA methyltransferase Dnmt2 is required for accurate polypeptide synthesis during haematopoiesis
Nick: Molecular noise induces concentration oscillations in chemical systems with stable node steady states

Jake: A Cell-Autonomous Mammalian 12 hr Clock Coordinates Metabolic and Stress Rhythms
Clémence: Self-renewing diploid Axin2+ cells fuel homeostatic renewal of the liver

Daniel: FAD Regulates CRYPTOCHROME Protein Stability and Circadian Clock in Mice
Colas: Model-based investigation of the circadian clock and cell cycle coupling in mouse embryonic fibroblasts: Prediction of RevErb-α up-regulation during mitosis

Eric: Cell Growth and Size Homeostasis in Proliferating Animal Cells
Jérôme: Paused RNA polymerase II inhibits new transcriptional initiation

Protein dynamics in individual human cells: experiment and theory.
Dynamic proteomics of human protein level and localization across the cell cycle.
Cédric: Translation of CircRNAs

Noise reduction facilitated by dosage compensation in gene networks
Cell diversity and network dynamics in photosensitive human brain organoids
Assembly of functionally integrated human forebrain spheroids

Jake: Comprehensive RNA Polymerase II Interactomes Reveal Distinct and Varied Roles for Each Phospho-CTD Residue
Clémence: Clock Regulation of Metabolites Reveals Coupling between Transcription and Metabolism

Damien: A Phase Separation Model for Transcriptional Control
Colas: Frequency doubling in the cyanobacterial circadian clock

Jérôme: Cohesin is positioned in mammalian genomes by transcription, CTCF and Wapl

Eric: Promoter shape varies across populations and affects promoter evolution and expression noise

Clémence: Single-Cell Transcriptional Analysis Reveals Novel Neuronal Phenotypes and Interaction Networks Involved in the Central Circadian Clock

Jake: Landscape of monoallelic DNA accessibility in mouse embryonic stem cells and neural progenitor cells
François: 3D structures of individual mammalian genomes studied by single-cell Hi-C

Daniel: Rhythmic Oxygen Levels Reset Circadian Clocks through HIF1α
Damien: Systematic Investigation of Transcription Factor Activity in the Context of Chromatin Using Massively Parallel Binding and Expression Assays

Onur: NF-κB oscillations translate into functionally related patterns of gene expression

Jérôme: Knockout-Rescue Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Mouse Reveals Circadian-Period Control by Quality and Quantity of CRY1
Cédric: Transcription Factor Assisted Loading and Enhancer Dynamics Dictate the Hepatic Fasting Response

Eric: Inferring Cell-State Transition Dynamics from Lineage Trees and Endpoint Single-Cell Measurements
Nick: Determining Physical Mechanisms of Gene Expression Regulation from Single Cell Gene Expression Data

Jake: Characterization of hundreds of regulatory landscapes in developing limbs reveals two regimes of chromatin folding
Clémence: Single-cell spatial reconstruction reveals global division of labour in the mammalian liver

Daniel: Insulin post-transcriptionally modulates Bmal1 protein to affect the hepatic circadian clock
Damien: Systematic dissection of genomic features determining transcription factor binding and enhancer function

Onur: Inference of gene regulation functions from dynamic transcriptome data
François: The Shh Topological Domain Facilitates the Action of Remote Enhancers by Reducing the Effects of Genomic Distances

Jérôme: CTCF-mediated topological boundaries during development foster appropriate gene regulation
Colas: Discrete gene replication events drive coupling between the cell cycle and circadian clocks

Eric: Single Cell RNA-Sequencing of Pluripotent States Unlocks Modular Transcriptional Variation
Clémence: Early commitment and robust differentiation in colonic crypts